Jinbo Li


Name: Jinbo Li

Studies: Literature and Philosophy

Expertise: Fine letters and pictorial arts

Likes: Old buildings with a story, cats, getting lost in a new town, smell of the air in early spring, dreamy green eyes, paper dictionaries, cooking at home

Does not like: dog-eared books, days that start grey, forced niceness

Wisdom: Every little piece in your life/Will add up to one/Every little piece of your life/Will mean something to someone—Editors “The Weight of the World”

Jinbo Li is addicted to self-exile. Her love for James Joyce reassured her that she’s not the only dreamer. She wants to be a serious city flâneur like Walter Benjamin or a real metropolitan hermit like Maurice Blanchot. Her fascination with words did not start until one day in her 3rd Bachelor year when she heard her Canadian professor reading Coleridge’s Frost at Midnight out loud in class. Now this passion is going to haunt her for the rest of her life. She believes that her trade is to torture words for a living, but in fact, it always works the other way around. She has come a long way to tell a short story. And this time, it is one about the literary scene of a cute little town almost in the centre of a cute little country…


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